manya singh miss india 2020

Manya Singh crowned Miss India 2020 Runner Up

miss india 2020
Beauty contest winner Manasa Varanasi, flanked by Manika Sheokand and Manya Singh | Photo Credit: Twitter/feminamissindia

Manya Singh was crowned as VLCC Miss India 2020 Runner up in February 2021. She became star and got so much attention more than Manasa Varanasi who was declared winner of Miss India 2020. Daughter of a autorickshaw driver deserves all the fame because of her hard work and passion to participate in beauty contest. Her story is no less than an inspiration for the girls who work hard to chase their dreams.

manya singh miss india 2020
VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 runner-up Manya Singh | Photo Credit: Instagram/ManyaSingh


She is an inspiration for those who take failures as an opportunity to improve rather than being sad and depressed. She gave audition for over 10 pageants, but what she heard was, ‘Shakal achi nahi hai’ (you don’t have a nice face) or ‘You don’t even know English!’ . This she herself has revealed in her interview with leading newspapers.

Manya was born in Mumbai and brought up in a small town of Hata in Uttar Pradesh. By winning the title she not only made her family but her state and college proud of her.

After winning the title she herself declared that she had spent numerous nights without food and sleep. Her many afternoons have been just spent walking for miles. She was unfortunate to not get an opportunity to attend school, so she started working while in teens. Her mother mortgaged her jewelry to pay her exam fees so that she earns a degree.

At the age of 14, she left her home for Mumbai to chase her dreams. She worked part time at Pizza to earn her some money.

She has struggled but did not let her dream abandoned. With her dedication and will power she had proved the world that nothing in life is impossible if you are committed to yourself and your dreams.

We believe she is a true story of inspiration for one and all out there.

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