gagan hi tech batteries iron lady

Young girl from Chandigarh earns DLF Iron lady award for her achievements

Gagandeep Kaur: Young entrepreneur and an inspiration to all the women

As each day passes, women have been growing in every aspect of life. In this post, I have shared a story of Gagandeep Kaur, an entrepreneur and inspiration to all the women.

She faced numerous personal and psychological issues at a very young age and an early divorce within a year of her marriage. However with faith in Almighty and her firm determination, she successfully overcame her long ordeal.

Further despite losing her father and having no male sibling she has strived and made a mark in male dominated society.

gagan hi tech batteries iron lady

Glimpse on Gagandeep

Gagandeep Kaur has been working for more than 10 years and has global business experience, handling varied industries on top management level. She has a life mantra, and believes in “Never Settle for Less”. She makes sure to deliver the best to her potential in whatever she does. She has a positive approach towards her life and strives to have a balanced life whether it is personal life or professional life.  We can call her indomitable, achiever, motivator, serial entrepreneur and goal oriented.  Also, she believes in continuously evolving and giving the best quality products and services.

She added another feather to her cap by winning  “DLF IRON LADY ” in North India

dlf iron lady award

Future Hi Tech Batteries Ltd

Future Hi Tech Batteries carries forward legacy of Indian first Lithium cell manufacturing plant. Gagandeep is the Executive Director in Future Hi Tech Batteries Ltd. (Green energy, clean energy). The company provides various lithium battery solutions to a wide array of applications in medical devices, solar energy storage, automobile, telecom and other sectors.  The company provides solutions that work in harmony with the ecology and economy of the country.

Being the executive director, Gagandeep has made sure to keep up with the competitive standards by laying hugs targets.  She says, “I am a firm believer in standing true to my commitments and I feel gratitude towards my team who works tirelessly, displaying their best potential to help, achieve those milestones”.

Hotel Highway Greens, Mohali

Gagandeep is not only the executive director of Future Hi Tech Batteries but also the director of Hotel Highway Greens Mohali. We are really astonished to know that she is managing two big companies at the same time whereas people can thing straight to do one thing at a time. She started this venture 6 years ago which later became the talk of the town. The hotel provides each service from restaurant to rooms, from party halls to conference halls is designed with the sole purpose of pleasing our customers. Gagan said, “I had been always very much inclined towards the hospitality sector. This wish could also be turned into reality with my keen interest and passion”.

Gagandeep said, Future Hi-tech Batteries is looking forward to green energy, greener earth. The company is committed to deliver solutions that are environmentally sound, efficient, reliable and safe. If you are a believer then you will definitely achieve what you want. As Gagan said, she could turn her dreams into reality because of her interest and passion. Women have been stepping out of their comfort zones and trying to achieve what they want. Women are inspiring, powerful, and very hard-working.

With Gagandeep’s success story we can clearly say that hard work pays off very well. If you strive towards success then you will have to face the hardships, put in hard-work and keep patience. Success will definitely come to your way.

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